Thursday, 19 November 2015


Inspired by this:

Bonjour guys!
I Hope you're all fine.
With the drawing I want to say:
Pray for the world! Yes, BUT we also have to do something about it.. at least something.
And this little something is: Be nice to all people no matter what religion or race.
If you don't like a person, just ignore and do nothing bad to someone just because he's different. Each person is unique and beautiful in their own way. If you do bad to someone, you will get it back (Karma!)
God has given you only this life and it's too short to do bad things so make the best out of it!
It's very tragic what happened all over the world at the moment.
Well, if you follow these rules, you will win a piece of peace.

Hope you all liked this post!
Hugs & Kisses

Monday, 16 November 2015



Poladarium: Der 7. Himmel, ca. 29,95€ (Germany)

Good evening everybody!
A colleague of mine has a polaroid calender (Poladarium!) which I like very much. Creative pics and motivational & inspirational texts on the back - so the calendar looks like. I have picked out the best in order to show you, but somehow all is well lol.
Hope you guys liked this post!
Good night