Wednesday, 27 April 2016



Hi Guys!

A Street Art Festival took place in our shopping center and I thought I could write a blog post about it and show you some photos. 3D floor painting, urban art, musician and much more could be watched. It was interesting to go through the exposition. And what I liked the most were the 3D paintings. After we had iced chocolate in the meantime, we ate Pizza for dinner on saturday.

I hope you had fun reading this blog post as much as we had fun.

Love, Umanya

Thursday, 21 April 2016


Here is the promised third post of last week!
Just some painted pages from the Vogue Colouring Book.
Hope you liked this post!


Wednesday, 20 April 2016


Good morning loves!

I'm sitting in one of the offices right now. Just sipping my vanilla caffรจ latte and blog. So I told you once that I want to study interior design. I have applied to an university and received a homework after a few days. Now I'm going to do that but a sketch is already made. My internship is completed next week so then I have the time to finish it. I'm so excited about but there is hope, everything goes well.

By the way, I promised to post two more blog posts on the weekend last thursday, but I had no time.. oh man! Sorry for that.

As you can see, I love Kinder Bueno - it tastes heavenly! And, pastel colors *Heart Eyes*

Lastly, you see a wallpaper created by me a long time ago. 

Have a sunny day!


Friday, 15 April 2016


Hello hello!

Finally I got my long awaited mirror case. I wanted to order it but the delivery time is unclear so that's it.. 
Then a miracle happened. 
I've found a shop with thousands of phone cases in there! Okay, I'm exaggerating now lol. There are phone covers for almost every phone - in all colors and designs. Aah I forgot to take a picture.. well, I'll make one and add it to this post.

Let's come to my actual post: The backside of the case is clear, my iPhone is black and it doesn't look great together with the pattern so I designed my own.. I simply created a white background. All you need for that is a paper, ruler (or just a book lol), pencil and scissors. I just love the way it looks - simple and classy.

What I forgot to mention: My swarovski ring suits absolutely to my new cover that's why I've shoot both together. This is just a coincidence, because the seller of the shop has ordered the case for me. I showed him a photo, but wasn't sure how it will look like so yea in just three days the case was there! 

Hope you guys liked this post, enjoy your week-end!


Thursday, 14 April 2016


 Hi guys!

Today it's new year for all Hindu people around the world. In Sri Lanka & India new year is celebrated at the start of spring in mid-April (April 13 - 14)  when nature comes to life. 

Feast, Gifts & Love - these three things fill the special day. I'm so obsessed with my new cardigan and I'm really looking forward to the feast. Mom's cooking is just amazing, but dad's also hehe. After hours I'll talk to my loved ones. Until then I send some love to them & of course, you guys with this blog post! 

Hope you all enjoyed it & I wish all my hindu readers a joyous new year!

P.S. Stay tuned for two more blog posts in the coming days :)


Sunday, 3 April 2016


Hey guys!

I bought the colouring book of Vogue recently. I'm so in love with it so I've made a little video to show you my love for this. And you know what? The author and illustrator of the Vogue colouring book commented on my picture on Instagram yesterday!

I can't believe! I was very surprised & so happy of course. But that's not all.. here are some snapchat posts if you missed them:

Hope y'all enjoyed this!
Lots of love xx


I promised that I will show you the content of the coloring book in another post and here it is!

Hope you guys enjoyed this post
Hugs and Love