Monday, 26 September 2016


My dresser is my fave! ^^

All the frames are hanging on the wall now but for the third one I just used a Washi Tape!

Love the hanger by Primark and oh the 'Love' is also from P.

Thanks to my lovely cousin for convincing me to buy this frame. I'm really in love with it hehe

New good read always reminds me of Paris. Ahh miss it <3

Hi Dears,

Hope you're all fine. The second week at the university has begun. Everything is new and exciting day by day. I'm doing well so far. We don't have to go to uni tomorrow so it's blogging time yay!

I did some rearranging before uni started so here is a little insight into my room.

Hope you liked this post X


Sunday, 18 September 2016


Here is the final look!!

Emilio Pucci, Skiwear, in Vogue, 1959

Hello hello!

My first video of my Vogue Colouring Book was so well-received so I thought I'm doing another one.. but a little different! Let me say, first of all, that the background is our kitchen table. It was lunch time and I couldn't finish it. I'm sorry for that, but the coloring took too long and as you guys noticed, I rather like short videos hehe.

Hope you all enjoyed this! 




I got my hair dyed (Haircut + Color)! Babylights, Ombré or Balayage? I had lots of ideas but Balayage is the best colouring trend. It's technique is to create very natural-looking highlights. I just loveee!

Good night for now <3

Wednesday, 14 September 2016


Went to indian stores in Paris and grabbed some new Henna colours

Tried the first one on my cousin's hand. I made this with a toothpick lol because too much colour came out of the tube and it was so thick! But the result looks great, doesn't it?

The natural henna is the best - It lasts longer on the skin! But the glitter cone is a fail.. wash it out & it's gone.



Look what I get from my cute cousins!
Oh the wonderful colourful suitcase is not mine! But the gel pens and the first colouring book on the left. On the second pic you can see I couldn't finish my page (this time on the right side lol). 
And I couldn't post this in Paris man! Why? No time! For taking pics and editing - yes!
It was so fun with the little ones. We enjoyed every moment and forgot everything hehe.


Morning view in Paris, check my Instagram to see more! x

Hey my loves!

Ahh I missed this everything. 
I know I'm late but you guys know I always surprise you hehe. 
Paris was awesome as ever and I really enjoyed the two weeks with my family.
At home I was busy with some uni stuff. The countdown has began. Only five more days. Then, Umanya's uni life starts!
I'm so excited for months. Finally! There are still lots of news waiting for you but I don't want to spoil you with surprises lol. Stay tuned!
I'm really so so glad to see that people check my blog every day! Here I am again <3