Friday, 3 November 2017


Hey everyone! I was in Paris with my family a few months ago and we went to the Louvre the second time! It was the first time I was in there and I'm amazed. You could spend so many days in the Louvre, exploring all the rooms. All in all, I have the most beautiful shoots with super good memories in my camera roll. I would like to share some of them with you. Now.

Wednesday, 1 November 2017


Halloween is over and a new month has started quick. So, I've been decorating my work space. Some favorite books in the corner and lifesavers are a must on my desk...Oh well, how I spend October 31st? After a good breakfast, I rummaged through my drawer for my sketchbook and then started drawing. I was checking my old blogposts before and noticed that the black & white drawings look pretty cool so I felt like doing it again. After that, I set up the place for the blog shots. And then... IDK the photos are caught by?

(in progress)

Tuesday, 24 October 2017


Pinterest is my favourite source for inspiration. I was looking for some ideas concerning my studies and recreated something architectural. I think I will try more such cool things out. 
I hope you liked this post and don't forget to check out my Pins!
See you soon x

Friday, 1 September 2017


Hello my lovelies!
I hope you all are doing well. Can't believe it's already September. But I like the cold more than the heat. And you can train better. However, sweating never goes away. But hey: Sweat now, shine later! Here are some useful tips and tricks to stay fit.

W O R K O U T 
Lately, I work out every day. It keeps me fit and make me stronger day by day. When you have not enough time for it, a few exercises per week are also sufficient. I do workouts like Squats (100 per day and 50 with dumbbells), many arms & shoulder workouts as well as full body exercises. You don't need any dumbbells but for me they're effective. Btw my favorite fitness youtuber is Blogilates! And of course, I don't forget the drawing passion.

F O O D 
Oatmeal, Greenery and homemade dishes are the Lifesavers. I love to cook and eat, especially healthy food. You don't have to diet when you eat healthy. The best way is to grab a bowl of cereal with oatmeal and almond milk for breakfast. Whole wheat bread with chia seeds is also very tasty and healthy at the same time. And you know what? I love spinach! Almost every day lol. A homemade smoothie with banana or any other fruit of your choice is good during the workout. I mostly like to drink smoothies with four fruits. The black tea is a must have in the indian tradition which gives me energy and fights tiredness. My cousin even drinks black tea when he has stomach ache. It helps him to reduce the pain. An alternative energy-booster is: Horlicks. Another important meal is rice with lentil curry (love!). A few days ago I baked some Fitness Cookies. (Recipe below)
Exception: I eat Fastfood only once a week. 

Recipe Fitness Cookies:
      • 1 Banana
      • 3 Eggs
      • 300g Quark 
      • 1t Baking Powder
      • 60g Wheat Wholemeal Flour
      • 180g Oatmeal
      • 1t Vanilla Extract 
      • 1t Honey
      • 1t Almond Jam
      • A hand full Cocoa Nibs
Mix everything together with a mixer, put them on a baking paper lined oven and bake at 180 Degrees for 15 - 20 minutes. Voilà! 

Extra: Water with fresh lemon, lime or mint.


Let's talk about beauty. I've tried some natural beauty recipes:

1. Pimples
Honey, Salt, Baking Soda
2. Lip Scrub 
Cane Sugar, Olive Oil, Honey (Actually you can use only pure honey for your lips)
 3. Hair Mask
Honey, Coconut Oil (You can also add egg)
4. Face Mask
Turmeric, Honey, Milk
My favorites are the one for Pimples and the Face Mask. These recipes are worth it tho. For my hair I personally like to use argan oil after the shower or shampoos with olive oil or oat milk. Rose water is a good natural product too. 
Rosewater mixed with water in a spray bottle: The perfect face mist or makeup fixing spray! And the best toner? Saffron..

with pure Rosewater.

After the workout I like to wash with the new shower gel by Dove. It includes avocado oil which is good for our skin. For some natural makeup just use a bronzing powder, blush, a natural mascara and colour lip balm.

So, you're shine to go! What's your favorite workout routine?  

Sunday, 20 August 2017


Der kunterbunte Herbst steht schon vor der Türe, spürt ihr ihn auch? Draußen weht der kühle Wind und wenn man raus geht, möchte man sich nach dem Shopping am liebsten in ein Café setzen und was Warmes trinken. Genau das habe ich mit meiner Cousine an ihrem Geburtstag gemacht. Bei Chocofini habe ich mit ihr das beste Chai Latte gekostet. Das DIY welches ich zu meinem Geburtstag gebastelt habe, hat sich meine Cousine gewünscht. Dazu habe ich Komplimente erhalten wie: ob ich sie denn tatsächlich selbst gebastelt oder gekauft habe hihi. Ein Tutorial dazu könnt ihr euch auf meinem YouTube Kanal ansehen. Der Milano Vlog ist nun auch online! Ich hoffe, dass euch dieser Beitrag und das Video gefallen haben.

Sunday, 6 August 2017


✔ Blogging
✔ in my comfort zone
✔ with a cup of tea 

Hey hey! Da bin ich wieder (nach einer gefühlten Ewigkeit)! Ich hoffe, euch Lesern und Leserinnen geht es genauso gut wie mir. Die Semesterferien haben gestartet und nun geht's weiter mit dem Bloggen. Wie ich es vermisst habe & euch!
Warum ich die letzten Monate nicht mehr auf meinem Blog so aktiv war? Ich hatte mega viel zu tun: Lernen, Modelle bauen, Zeichnen, Mappen erstellen und und und. So sieht also das Architekturstudium aus. Spaß machen tut es jedenfalls mega! Es geht erst in 2 Monaten wieder los.
Neben dem Studien war ich auf Reisen. Naja, es gehört einfach mit zum Studium. Wie ihr schon auf dem Bild seht, habe ich einige schöne Souvenirs mitgebracht. Der Mailänder Dom begleitet mich durch den Tag. Der Chanel Lippenstift darf natürlich auch nicht fehlen. Mailand war herrlich! Die Fotos habt ihr ja bereits auf Instagram gesehen. Dazu werde ich noch einen Vlog auf meinem YouTube-Kanal hochladen. Excited?
Was habe ich außerdem noch vor? Einiges an Studiumskram hat man immer zu erledigen. Nächsten Monat verreise ich nochmal, diesmal jedoch gemeinsam mit der Familie. Da ich jetzt frei bin, werde ich natürlich öfters wieder bloggen. Nun ja, ansonsten schreibe ich liebend gerne auch mal auf Deutsch (wie euch aufgefallen ist hehe). Ich freue mich schon! Let's do this!
Wenn ihr Ideen, Ratschläge, Vorschläge oder sonstiges habt, schreibt mir einfach! :)

Hoffe, dass euch dieser Beitrag gefallen hat!

Wednesday, 19 April 2017


Howdy doodie?

Here I am again. And my much loved Vogue Colouring Book too. Here's a special blog post for y'all:

Let's see what's in her bag.

Yeah, I would like to share some of my beauty favourites with you dollies.

Dove Derma Spa Hand cream - Cashmere feeling
HASK Hair Oil - Keratin Protein Smoothing Shine
Essence Matt Blush - 02 cosy rosy
Fashion Tissues - (Dm Shop in Germany)
NYX Lip Liner - SPL828 Ever Toujours
Essence 2in1 Eye Shadow - 01 go bro'nze
L'Oréal Mascara - False Lash Superstar
MAC Lipstick - Matte Taupe 09
Maybelline New York Liquid Eyeliner - Master Precise

Tip: Mix two different colors to get the color that you want. (Her jacket and lips)

Last but not least: Favorite Lip Liner of all time is the one by Sephora - 18 Deep Brown

Friday, 10 March 2017


Hey you! My name is Umanya and I'm studying Architecture & Interior Design.

Take a look..

So I went to an exhibition in Cologne and grabbed this goodie bag:

A bunch of magazines and a makeup product.

Body Balm by Aesop - this little thing is just amazing! 

Result: The scent is particularly strong, but my skin feels so clean and fresh after I use it. 

Now to the actual topic - Interior, Architecture, Trends, Materials, Design

Let's see what's inside

Look at these fascinating contemporary interiors! Love love love 

Iconic Awards go to young interior designers - that was the topic of the exhibition!

The pink sofa is one of my absolute favorite. So unique & up-to-the-minute! 

How do you find it?

Everything in this magazine is heavenly perfect!

Bam that's it for now.

Almanya Arts